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All of us know and realizes the importance of fruits and nuts in our diet. We constantly read about numerous health benefits offered by them in our daily newspapers and health magazines. These foods fulfill vital nutritional requirements of our body

Various different fruits have different curative, preventive and medicinal properties in them. They contain important vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

As fruits are seasonal and perishable, application of suitable technologies such as infusion-drying, hot air drying, freeze drying allows us to preserve these fruits over longer periods of time thereby allowing us to consume these products throughout the year without affecting their nutritional characteristics.

Further there are edible seeds such as Flax, Chia, Sesame etc which are super powered , which have tremendous health benefits, which when supplemented to our diet boost the entire immune system and eradicates various nutritional deficiencies prevalent in our routine diet.

We at Kenny Delights are committed to bring you these exceptional quality dried fruits, nuts and seeds from various parts of the world at a single platform and at an affordable price to our customers.

As a reflection of our motto - “ First Step Towards a Healthy Life “, We endeavor to provide you best possible qualities of dried fruits, nuts, dried vegetables, super powered edible seeds available from the world over to empower you to confidently leap ahead towards healthy way of living.

By our range of gifting options, we provide you an opportunity to let your loved ones savor, enjoy and relish the true goodness of these incredibly high quality products and be instrumental to lead them to a world of healthy living.

And to fulfill this vision and commitment Kenny Delights have launched this e-initiative in the form of to provide our customers an opportunity to savor the goodness of the world’s healthiest foods at the convenience of their fingertips.