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Chia Seeds- The Superfood You Need Today!

                 Mexican Chia SeedsChia Seeds- The Superfood You Need Today !

Chia ( Salvia hispanica) is an ancient nutritious seed which is native to Central and Southern Mexico and Guatemala. Available in different colours and forms, chia is considered as the ultimate super food. The dense, small and crunchy chia becomes soft, plump and sweet  when absorbed in water. Loaded with ....         

Goji Berries: The Ultimate Superfood

Dried Goji berries -              Goji Berries: The Ultimate Superfood !!

Goji berry, also popularly known as wolfberry is an orange-red coloured berry usually grown in various provinces of China, Tibetan Himalayas and Mongolia. Due to the commercial success and various proven health benefit of this fruit  its cultivation has also started in Europe and North America..........................

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Every time I have needed help, the customer care guys have been patient, helpful and attentive. It's so nice to have my job done by these guys.  Great store to build up your customer service skills. Good going.

Elber Johnson
I had ordered Gojiberries,the delivery had been prompt. So far, I'm satisfied with the product and the services. 
Hopefully the quality is good as well, as I can't check that at the moment. Given that, hope to trade again once this bag is finished.
Bikram Ghosh

Fantastic customer service & product quality is very good. Thank you Healthmangemore, 


Delighted with the quality and speediness of delivery of the Products !!